Picture of Very easy card levitation.
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Like the title says, this is a very easy card levitation, but what's more, it doesn't need any strings or permanently gimmicked cards, and can be done other objects, such as paper cups, matchboxes, and bankcards!

The effect is achieved by taping the card to your thumb, as in the last picture; taping it from the nail to the card means that there will be a little bit of wobble, and will help to make the illusion more effective; if you like you can move your thumb a little bit, but not much, as it will begin to look fake.
Do not actively hide the fact that your thumb is behind the card, but try not to draw attention to it.

A few more things you could use this method for are floating a paper cup, (make it look like its floating away from you and follow it with your hands) and if you don't have any cards you could try a bankcard/note, or an empty matchbox.

I hope I made it clear how to do this, as this is my first Instructible.

Note: I did not make this effect, and I'm quite surprised not to find it on Instructibles! someone tell me if it's already is one. I don't think it's very well known, as a search for levitating card/object, does not turn up this trick.
pgriffin33 years ago
can i ask ...what do you work as because youve got far too much oil/muck underneath them finger nails......wicked trick by the way!!

u r right pgriffin 3 too much oil

boogiev2 years ago
wow that's really awsome!
That is so awesome all the little kids go for it
Bmoney213 years ago
Yeah this trick is cool and so simple it's hard to figure out whats happening in a small show
Thanks for letting this out. It's a great little trick for kids and parties but as you say, in the right hands so to speak, can be as powerful as you like. One way of doing this and increasing the effect is to turn it into a total surprise. So you make out the card you are holding is all part of a prediction routine for example and as you patter, the card visibly floats a second. The audience willnotice and react. You make out like they are imagining something and carry on. Then do it again!
Criss Angel famously exposed his own typically simply version of this in which he just thrusts his thumb through the back of a polistyrene cup to make it levitate.
Thanks for the tip!

I didn't know that Criss Angel did a similar trick, I got the bases for this one from a site somewhere (I can't remember where) with a polystyrene cup (like Criss), but with tape (like me); tape makes it a bit easier to clean up, and you can show the cup afterwards. I took that and played with different objects, and found that a card worked well.
Yes, it's cool. If you get your hands on a bit of 'magician's wax' (whish is flesh coloured) then you can have real fun with levitating all kinds of small objects using this same principle - you probably know, but you can get it from any decent magic store. Now add to that some genuine invisible thread (on a spring loaded reel) and suddenly a whole new world of 'impromtu' levitations opens up...Still, I always say in the end that simple magic is the best magic and the card effect you describe is just great as it is. :)
S RV4 years ago
nice trick
Good idea!