Picture of Very personal papercrafts from a photo
Create a papercraft of yourself, your favorite star or any other person.

The whole procedure takes just 10 minutes.
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Step 1: Select a photo

Picture of Select a photo
All you need is a photo of a person as a JPG file. A one-megapixel photo is more than sufficient to make your papercraft look very good, but you can also create beautiful papercrafts with photos of smaller size.

You will achieve the best results if you use a photo of a person taken from the front.

Shots from the side will provide less optimal results. The person’s head should fill the photo as much as possible, so the use of a close-up is recommended.

Step 2: Create the cut-out sheet

Picture of Create the cut-out sheet
  1. Visit to create the printable cut-out sheet. The use of this website is free of charge and no registration is required.
  2. On the Web page click “new PaperMe”.
  3. Upload your photo and align it using the rotate, zoom and move functions.
  4. Select your favorite clothing, hair and color.
  5. Download your cut-out sheet as a PDF-file.

Step 3: Print out your papercraft

Picture of Print out your papercraft
Use the optimal paper:

• Paper works best with a weight of at least 160 gr/m². I recommend cardboard with 200 gr/m².

• If you don´t have plain paper of the required thickness, you can use photographic paper instead.

• The usage of normal paper instead of cardboard is a little bit difficult. If you are very skilled, you can still achieve good-looking results, but normally the results will be less pleasing.

Now print the downloaded PDF in color in DIN-A4 or Letter size.
AleF12 months ago
JansTurf1 year ago
I am SO going to do this... just went to the site and had a play but need to find some better full face pics. Thanks
yamayka3 years ago
Hey springwald, what a cool idea! Thanks for inspiring.