Very Powerfull AirHARD Rocket.



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Introduction: Very Powerfull AirHARD Rocket.

This indestructable is how to make a very powerful air soft rocket. My rocket flew at least 200ft straight in the air. Most of the materials can be found around the house.


Duck tape
4 Arizona ice tea cans
Air compressor

Step 1: Building the Rocket.

To build the rocket get 3 Arizona ice tea cans and cut them according to the diagram. All you need to do is cut of the bottom of the can. Do this to all ONLY 2 cans.
Now keeping them up side down use a hammer or rubber mallet to hammer each can into the next as
shown below.Use duck tape to secure the seams.
Cut the shape that is in one of the pictures and make a cone out of it. Don't do any thing with the cone yet.

Step 2: The Launch Pad.

To make the launch pad cut the 4th can in half. Keep the bottom half.
Drill a hole that is the same diameter as your air comprosor hose end.

Put the end of the hose in the hole and seal the seam with how glue.

Step 3: To Launch

To lauch the rocket just hammer it in a little in the launch pad, wait till the air commpresor tank is at 90 psi and FIRE!!!!!!!!!!




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    You have a camera: use it on this one? L

    Its AirHARD! I dont get how you can "fire" it.

    You fire it when you jam the rocket in the launch pad and let air flow

    very nick pretty simple aswel. You could almost do this with pretty much any container just make sure you make sure air can't exacape so you get the highed distance possible