Picture of Very simple and easy K'nex target
Works on practically any surface.

All you need for this simple and easy k'nex target is:
- 5 green
- 6 white
- 5 blue
- 2 yellow
- 2 grey
- 4 orange
- 5 white
- 1 rubber band
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Step 1: Making the target

Picture of Making the target
Just make what you can see in the picture

Step 2: Adding the Rubber band

Picture of Adding the Rubber band
Just follow the pictures again

Step 3: And you are done!

Picture of And you are done!
All that is left to do now is to set it up and fire away at it...
what does the rubber band do
it allows it to stand up if you follow the instructions and look at the picture you will find that out
I like it it is easy to build not to piece consuming and is not defective!