Introduction: Very Simple Glitter Tattoos

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This is probably one of the easiest ways to do a glitter tattoo (if you have glitter). It's a three step process for the first time, and after it's only one if you keep your makings!


1 Paperclip

Glitter (darker colors are better)

Scissors or Pliers


Step 1: Paperclips

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With your pliers or scissors, carefully bend the paperclip into whatever shape you want (make sure there is a small handle!). Make sure it is completely flat!

Bend handle upwards for best results.

This is a really simple shape that I put a picture of. You can make anything from stars to pentagons and back!

Step 2: Glitter

Picture of Glitter

Dump a small portion of glitter onto a base and press the shape into it. Make sure there is glitter on it!

Step 3: Glitter Tattoo!

Picture of Glitter Tattoo!

Press the shape hard into your skin and watch a tattoo appear!


samridhi12 (author)2015-05-19

i have tried it

better than yours

sorry just kiding yours is the best


finmaster12 (author)samridhi122015-05-20

Also, with what paints do you make those?

finmaster12 (author)samridhi122015-05-19

Thank you

How long does it stay on?

It depends on how long you want to keep it. They don't just shake off, but if you rub them they come off. But,if you are careful, they can last a couple of hours.

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