Very Small GreenHouse





Introduction: Very Small GreenHouse

Plants grow very slowly when its cold. So if you want yo grow something in a greenhouse in the the beginning of february two solutions : warm it or use a greenhouse inside the green house.
A minute project to create a very small greenhouse with an 8 liters water fountain.

Step 1: The Top

What you need : a water fountain and a good knife.
Cut the tap, then the top

Step 2: Bottom and Finish

cut the bottom, put some ground , water and seeds : finished.
Due to the shape, when the weather is cold the dampness condensate on the top part and get down to the the ground so it uses very little water : 2 cl a week.



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    Merci Author for the idea!

    Thanks U.S. Neighbors for the brand names!

    I want to add that plants do not need to have the tap cut off. They can thrive in a terrerium with a glass lid and not only does that make perfect growing conditions it keeps the plants watered.  As the water condensates on the glass it runs back down inside and back into the soil. The only downside would be overheating. To control that you would just unscrew the lid during the heat of the day and then put it back on later in the day.

    hey what is the black thing at the bottom. I know the top is the water fountain. I need to build up something like that for my school project

    I think it is the bottom of the bottle with the soil in it.

    This is a great idea! I only have one question (and forgive me if it's out of ignorance) : doesn't the plastic leech chemicals when exposed to sunlight that may damage the plant inside?

    Neat idea, but why cut the top off? Won't it retain more moisture with the tap in place?

    The top is cut off to provide the plant with some much needed air.

    Very nice. Can't say I have seen any 8l bottles like that in New Zealand though.

    finally a use for all the damn Hawaiian punch i drink {a growing teenager needs his vitamins}