Vespa German Afrika Korps Replica From Scratch. Giant Airfix


Introduction: Vespa German Afrika Korps Replica From Scratch. Giant Airfix

i brought this wreck for £98 and 4 months later had a sexy little airfix vespa cutdown in german afrika korps where did i put that tube of glue.. Dobbo



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    One question: How did you replace the handle bars? Where did you get the hand shifter to work with aftermarket handle bars?

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    Hi. It's just a clamp that holds a flat plate and you build the bars up from that. The hand gear changer is a revolving bar with a nut going through the middle so it only moves to the gear selection area. Easy. Also has a quick release throttle. Hope this helps.?

    thanks matey. :))

    Thanks Seolfor. :))

    I agree 100% with Kite

    That's a nice re-build, but since your "video" is actually all stills, you could also create a proper step-by-step of the project, which would be a lot more useful to somebody wanting to follow in your footsteps.