Vey simple way of accessing administrator account without password

how to change admin account password if you already have access to an account on the computer

Step 1: Open the run window

Picture of open the run window
the title says everything really, click start then run
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shrinkie2 years ago
say hypothetically it was a school computer and bunch of kids were logged on at once could it be tracked back to that kid by the administator?
'Hypothetically' XD
I don't get it, i have run and then what do i do? Do I run a program?
riotghost2 years ago
OMFG it actually works i did it for a test and it popped up. i didnt do it because im in school but it will work i did it in my home computer
ERHassett5 years ago
There is another way I figured out how to do.
What's that...?
Trust me, there are MANY other ways to gain access.
love2make3 years ago
Thanks Soo much my school tech guy is crazy but much to my surprise this actually works i just hope i don't get in trouble !
Pettrocity3 years ago
What is the significance of the '2' at the end of the command?
and what happens if i dont have access to the run command?
CTRL+ALT+DEL then click "New Task"
I meant this as The run command is disabled, I know where it is, however it just wont open
Go to C:/Windows find regedit launch it then go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Current Version/Policies

then you will see two groups the Explorer and System

-Go to Explorer you will see several Registry Data at your right pane

-Find "NoRun" right click modify (The Current Value of NoRun is 1 change it to 0)

-Run Command in Start Menu is now enable

-Or you can also use the TaskManager but if TaskManager is also disabled

procedure but you will go to System instead of Explorer

Find "DisableTaskmgr" change value to 0

I hope it help :))
ERHassett5 years ago
My dad's an expert on computers, I'm 13 and hacked the admin account
as have i...3 times.
mharrison123 years ago
what happens when you get caught? :L
dju4334 years ago
What if you dont want to change the password but just download with finding out the password?
syons dju4333 years ago
Presently we can not find a way to find out the windows password,we just can reset/remove it.
If so,there are plenty of tools can complete the task,for instance,windows password rescuer,NTpassword,windows password Ophcrack.
kane19973 years ago
mine said the user account control thing to where u need a administrator pass and username to do it so that dont work
sucks wont work at most school because the have "Run" blocked.
Go to notepad type
@echo off
@echo on
save it as command.bat but make sure you save it as all files and save it to your desktop click it and you have a working cmd (psst im 11)
failed at step 3-no list in box...........hmmmmmmm
it can still work unless you got taskmanager blocked. If your taskmgr is on, and "run" is blocked, you can use Ctrl + Alt + Del combination to access the Task manager and go to file > run to start a process. ;)
Mussen7 years ago
This is a tad redundant as you would need to be logged in as an administrator to do this.
if you creat another account then you can use the run app


me! (author)  Mussen7 years ago
no, at my school you can do it on your own account.. i use it to gain access to our schools firewall/ cache so that i can unblock websites without getting killed by the admin.
me! (author)  me!7 years ago
... but that could be because im a power user. anyway, the command prompt method will still work. i have an instructable on it.
Pasketti me!7 years ago
The command prompt method won't work either. Same reason.
me! (author)  Pasketti7 years ago
at every school i have been to (4) i have been a power user. this allows you to use the run window and such.
Pasketti me!7 years ago
No, this will NOT work unless you are already a member of the "Administrators" group. Note that this is NOT the same as being logged in as the "Administrator" account. There's a lot of poorly-written Windows software out there that won't run unless you're an administrator. Because of this, many people are running as an administrator. Your account was probably set up as an administrator when it was created. Try this. Create a local account. Do not put it into the Administrators group. Then log in as that user, and try your tip and see what happens.
Brendan93004 years ago
What if the run thing is not there???
Windows button plus R
sferrl4 years ago
like soulswerelost said i deen an admin password to change it
account3r24 years ago
does this work with a limited account?
kadavulae admistration password hack panna administration password kekurangalae.............
Aceiam21124 years ago
This will work if you have a moron controlling the acccounts on your computer... my reccommendation however is that you do not try it at school because the account control is probobly locked.
bankesharya6 years ago
sir this tecnique is used by me on my pc this is not applicable
Any administrator worth his salt would block cmd
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