Vey simple way of accessing administrator account without password

how to change admin account password if you already have access to an account on the computer
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Step 1: Open the run window

Picture of open the run window
the title says everything really, click start then run

Step 2: Type into the run box

Picture of type into the run box
after you have opened the run box type in: control userpasswords2 and click ok.

Step 3: The change password window

A window will open show all the users on the computer and (if your lucky) all the computers on the network. click on administrator and click reset password. type the password of your choice and click ok.

Step 4: Thats it!

now you can log off and log in again as administrator, or if your using this to get around a cache blocker type thing, right click internet explorer, click run as and then add administraor in the user box and the password i nthe password box.
Pettrocity3 years ago
What is the significance of the '2' at the end of the command?