This Instructable is brought to you by my Electronic Origami Class. Where we build small electronic circuits and put them into an origami body.

In the Christmas spirit, I am showing you my way of putting a solar powered vibrating motor into a peace crane.

Printer paper
http://www.solarbotics.com/products/bscc3733a-mse-2/ (solar kit I used)
Exacto blade

You can uses other kits, or build your own by getting a bigger solar panel and parts. But this is what i'm using. I am also using different parts then on the kit. My teachers use different parts for what we were doing. But anywhoo, on with the Instructable! 

Step 1: The Electronic Portion

This PDF will show you how to wire your solar robotics kit. It also comes with a parts list. Its ok if the part numbers are not exactly alike on the solar cell. The kit I posted a link for will work perfectly. 

There are a thousand or more Instructable's on how to surface solder so I am not going to get into that.

I built this in class and at the time of posting this, one of my capacitors broke off so I cannot show you a video of this working. But rest assured  It does work. I do not own a soldering iron. Yet....

The little yellow thing on the pic is a pager motor we had so it makes the crave vibrate. The big yellow thing is a big capacitor. 

Step 2: Folding the Peace Crane

In order to make the folding as pain free as possible, I found a link that helps fold Peace cranes with no confusion!


This will help you make the crane really easily. Or if not, there are a billion other Instructable's and websites to help you fold the peace crane.

Step 3: Adding the Electronics

Just like the tin man, we are going to be giving this crane a "heart"

First your gonna want to cut the top part of the crane off.

I was having issues with the big capacitor, so I had to cut a hole in the bottom of the poor crane.

Step 4: Insert Electronics.

Now, place your electronic piece with the solar cell getting as much exposure as possible. This wasn't how I originally planned to put it in there, but hey! it works doesn't it?

Step 5: If It Had Worked...

If one of the capacitors hadn't have fallen off, I would have shown a video of the crane vibrating around in good sunlight, but alas. No Cigars. 

But now this crane has a heart! :D

I am not a medical student, I am an engineer. So all  you other engineers out there, please leave constructive feedback!

<p>I've a friend who makes the cranes for girls. He would get a huge kick out of this project! Thank you :) Good work.</p>

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