Picture of Vibrating Paper Peace Crane!
This Instructable is brought to you by my Electronic Origami Class. Where we build small electronic circuits and put them into an origami body.

In the Christmas spirit, I am showing you my way of putting a solar powered vibrating motor into a peace crane.

Printer paper
http://www.solarbotics.com/products/bscc3733a-mse-2/ (solar kit I used)
Exacto blade

You can uses other kits, or build your own by getting a bigger solar panel and parts. But this is what i'm using. I am also using different parts then on the kit. My teachers use different parts for what we were doing. But anywhoo, on with the Instructable! 

Step 1: The electronic portion

Picture of The electronic portion
This PDF will show you how to wire your solar robotics kit. It also comes with a parts list. Its ok if the part numbers are not exactly alike on the solar cell. The kit I posted a link for will work perfectly. 

There are a thousand or more Instructable's on how to surface solder so I am not going to get into that.

I built this in class and at the time of posting this, one of my capacitors broke off so I cannot show you a video of this working. But rest assured  It does work. I do not own a soldering iron. Yet....

The little yellow thing on the pic is a pager motor we had so it makes the crave vibrate. The big yellow thing is a big capacitor. 

I've a friend who makes the cranes for girls. He would get a huge kick out of this project! Thank you :) Good work.