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I have been making war games scenery for a while (along with everything else) and been using Hirst Arts plaster molds to do it. I was getting fed up with using a board with sponge on the bottom and having to hit it with your hand while filling it with the other. so using mostly bits left around the house i made a Vibrating Board (V.001)

Would like to give a HUGE shout out to http://www.hirstarts.com for supplying the worlds best molds. Been using them for a while and there is nothing but all round love for them.  

Step 1: Making the Board

First of making the board. 

You will need for the board:
1. MDF/Ply board
2. 4 rubber feet
3. Jubilee clip (large)
4. 12v~ 50Hz Motor
5. 3 connector blocks (one set of 2)
6. Small screw (needs to be able to fit into the connector block hole)
7. Small nut (needs to be able for a connector block screw to fit through it)
8. Black bin liner
9. PVA glue 
10. 1mm Twin power cable
11. Cable ties

Making the board:
1. I have plenty of MDF laying about the house so I started with one of them, cut it down to a sensible size of 300mm x 210mm and in the middle of the top made two cuts of 20mm and about 30mm apart (these are to attach the motor to)
2. I covered the board in PVA glue and then wrapped a black bin liner (I wasn’t to bothered about how neat it was, in fact I was kind of glad it has the ripples in it as it helps hold onto the moulds when the board is damp)
3. I drilled four holes in each corner for the rubber feet I have and inserted them.
4. After the glue had a chance to dry I went ahead and bent the jubilee clip into shape and fitted it to the board and then the motor. Making sure the motor is strapped down well.
5. I screwed two connector blocks into the board and terminated the motor wires in to it.
6. I drilled another hole next to the motor to allow for a cable tie to fit into to hold the power lead for the motor.
7. I cut all that was needed for the power lead and terminated them into the connector block, fastening the wire to the board with a cable tie.
many items for this project can be found in those seat massage units.
Small simple and effective! Just how an 'ible should be! :) <br>Cool project and nice output! :)
Nice work! This might work for vibrating small concrete projects as well. Most of the vibrating tables available are made for sorting letters and cost way too much money ($600+). Great alternative here!
This should come in handy i love hirst molds

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