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Introduction: Vibrobot Paintings

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Yet another chapter in the "Let A Sculptor Make Drawings And Paintings Chronicles" Now with video!

Step 1: Build a Vibrobot

You've seen them all before: Vibrobots. Neat little toys using a pager motor, a toothbrush head, and a battery. Cute, aren't they?

Step 2: My Not-so-cute Vibrobot

I only had AA batteries on hand. Using one battery on top of the motor on top of the bristles proved too top heavy. So I added another battery as ballast and hung them low around the bristles. Note my extra swanky on/off switch: a rubber band.

Step 3: Paint, and a Surface

Dip your bristles into some thinned out acrylic paints, some ink, chocolate sauce, whatever.

The bot seemed sluggish on a soft surface, so I placed a sheet of sketch paper on a drawing board.

Turn it on, set it on the paper and once again marvel at the magic of the artistic process.

Spirograph has nothing on Vibrobot.



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    my vibrobot


    Your video's are published as "private" on YouTube. Can you make them public? I'm curious how your bots move...

    2 replies

    sweet, u get some nice effects there, i was just trying to turn an old toohbrush into one of these, but i cut thru the wire! no soldering iron *sobs*

    14 replies

    I added no solder on this... Electrical tape, hot glue and rubber bands are all that make this run. Don't despair, but ask yourself "What would MacGuyver do in this situation?"

    seeing as nobody in the last year has decided to be helpful, I'll step up to the plate: macguyver is a guy from an old tv show that would use random objects to make amazing inventions (ie using sodium, a jar, and water to make a bomb to blow out a wall).

    thats a load of bullsh*t, where would one get some pure sodium when in an emergency -_-

    probably from a lab somewhere. I think that's where he was trapped. anyway, I've never watched the show, but the mythbusters did a thing on it and it didn't work.