Yet another chapter in the "Let A Sculptor Make Drawings And Paintings Chronicles" Now with video!
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Step 1: Build a Vibrobot

Picture of Build a Vibrobot
vibrobot 005.jpg
You've seen them all before: Vibrobots. Neat little toys using a pager motor, a toothbrush head, and a battery. Cute, aren't they?

Step 2: My not-so-cute Vibrobot

Picture of My not-so-cute Vibrobot
vibrobot 005.jpg
I only had AA batteries on hand. Using one battery on top of the motor on top of the bristles proved too top heavy. So I added another battery as ballast and hung them low around the bristles. Note my extra swanky on/off switch: a rubber band.

Step 3: Paint, and a surface

Picture of Paint, and a surface
vibrobot 016.jpg
vibrobot 014.jpg
vibrobot 009.jpg
vibrobot 024.jpg
vibrobot 026.jpg
Dip your bristles into some thinned out acrylic paints, some ink, chocolate sauce, whatever.

The bot seemed sluggish on a soft surface, so I placed a sheet of sketch paper on a drawing board.

Turn it on, set it on the paper and once again marvel at the magic of the artistic process.

Spirograph has nothing on Vibrobot.