Introduction: Vibrobot With Legs

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Most virbrobots have a toothbrush below the body of the vibrobot. This version uses small paperclips as ''legs'' to support the vibrobot. The disadvantage is that it may not be stable and the legs may move out of position( if you are using blutak,).

Step 1: Building the Vibrating Motor

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First, get some blutack and a small, heavy object. Attach the blutak to the part of the motor that moves around and around. Then, stick the object to the blutak.

Step 2: Assembing the Vibrobot

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After making the vibrating motor ( you can use those from a toothbrush), connect it to the batteries. Attach the motor on top of the batteries( you can see in the picture)

Step 3:

Now you are read to test your vibrobot. If it doesn't move even though the motor is vibrating, try adjusting the legs or try it on a different surface.


astro boy (author)2009-12-14

OK instructables is about instructions or recipes so usually you have a materials and tools list (so add it in)
it doesn't say that you attach the moter to the top of a battery holder or any thing like that and although it would be easy to build from the pictures its not very professional looking (so make it like its for someone new to electronics or something).
also add a video of it working to the last step (not necessary but after you've fixed up the rest then it can help as an extra).
so work on making everything descriptive, detailed and easy to understand. then it might be rated alot higher

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