Picture of Vibroclip
Inspired by how much free time fans of Instructables have churning out wacky gadgets I decided to join the foray.

Vibroclip is created in the same vein as in Evil Mad Scientist Bristlebot and other variants shown in Instructables.

Instead of a toothbrush head, paper clips serves as the body. The triangular shaped body is stable and does not fall or flip over easily as in vibrobots made from toothbrush heads.

I chose a particular body shape for Vibroclip but paper clips can be easily shaped into many other forms. Please experiment.

Vibroclip is fun, easy and cheap to make. Cost of all the parts can be less then a dollar if bought in bulk. Great for kids party or school project.

Another usefulness for the indelible mighty paper clip other then clipping paper, making cheap earrings or cloth hangers for socks.

YouTube videos :

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Step 1: Vibroclip Parts

Picture of Vibroclip Parts
To create Vibroclip you will need following :

Three small paper clips
One twist tie wire (rubber band or duct tape)
Two small sticky foam tape (about half inch or so)
One 3V battery
One pager motor with leads attached (in this case a mini pager motor 3V 4mm x 8mm)

Step 2: Creating Vibroclip Body

Picture of Creating Vibroclip Body
Unfold each side of paper clip into an L-shape. Position the three shorter legs together into a star or Y-shape.

Warp the twist tie wire around the three paper clip short legs as taut as possible.

You can also use rubber band or duct tape instead of twist tie wire to secure the legs together.

The three legged object should be firm and not loose. Adjust the legs so the body is stable and does not tip over during the vibration of the pager motor.

You can design the body any way you want it up to your imagination. Another picture in this step shows an alternate design.

Kiteman2 years ago
Very nice, but you ought to upload your video to YouTube, then embed it, so that folk can watch it without having to download it.