Picture of Vic Rattlehead Mask
How to make a mask of the Megadeth mascot Vic Rattlehead.
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Step 1: Tools & Materials

- Latex skull mask (http://bit.ly/13tmOa4)
- Yoghurt pots x2
- Plastic chain (http://bit.ly/XNQACS)
- Plastic ice cream tub lid
- Small black cable ties
- Superglue
- Craft knife
- Black & silver acrylic paint
- Blue light filter sheet

Step 2: Cutting

1) Empty & clean the yoghurt pots & the ice cream tub lid.
2) Use a craft knife to cut out Vic Rattlehead shape glasses from the ice cream tub lid & 2 holes to see through.
3) Cut 2 small slits on the left & right side edge of the glasses. Then cut 2 slits about a cm apart in the bottom of the yoghurt pot. These are for the cable ties to pass through.
4) Cut a slit just to the left of the left eye & another to the right of the right eye on the mask. This is so the glasses can be attached.
5) Cut 4 slits evenly across the top teeth on the mask & mirror the slits along the lower teeth. This is so you can attach the "bars which clamp the jaw closed" with cable ties.
6) Cut 3 of the chain links in half. These will be used for the bars for the jaw & to attach the chain to the yogurt pots.
7) Finally cut up the blue plastic light filter to use for the eye lens.

Step 3: Painting

8) Paint the yoghurt pots black. When dry, brush them with silver for a metallic look. Do the same with the glasses but also paint silver rivets around the edges.
Rattle your goddamn head!! Glad I found this (':
:-) gr8 idea, as a bonus every girls loves a sharp dressed man :-)
would go great with a briefcase with build in soundssystem so you can roam the killing road acompanied with Megadeth's music
GrissleFist2 years ago
Peace sells, but who's buying? Looks awesome!
Very cool.