Introduction: Vice Pads

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Build some vice pads to clamp delicate items.

Step 1: Measure

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Measure the vice and mark two lengths of wood to accommodate.

Step 2: Cut

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Saw the wood to the appropriate size.

Step 3: Mark Drill Holes

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Mark the pieces of wood to drill holes for magnets.

Step 4: Drill

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Drill the holes deep enough that the magnets are flush with the wood surface.

Step 5: Glue

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Glue the magnets in place.

Step 6: Cut Rubber

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Cut some gasket rubber to the size of the wood blocks. Tooling leather would also work well for this purpose.

Step 7: Glue

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Epoxy the rubber pieces to the wood.

Step 8: Complete

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Attach the pads to the vice.


taloskriti (author)2016-03-11

You used black rubber and red rubber? Can you elaborate please? Nice and simple instructable.

djpolymath (author)taloskriti2016-03-13

Just using what I had around the house. Didn't have large enough pieces, so combined scraps. Added an interesting aesthetic to boot.

The Tinkering Penguin (author)2016-03-03

What's the use of the magnets?

To 'stick' to the vise.......

Wolfbane221 (author)2016-03-01

pretty simple and nice.

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