As I was cleaning out my shed I came across a space saving spare tire from my old pickup, that I had replaced with a full sized spare. Seeing that this tire has such a thin profile I thought it would make a good pedestal for my vise.

I made it with two different sized pipe so the height is adjustable.

Step 1: Materials

Old space saving spare tire (auto wreckers usually have tons of these)

  1. 22 in length of 3 ½ in OD schedule 40 pipe.
  2. 16 to 20 in length of 3 in OD pipe
  3. 2 pieces of 8 in square ¼ in thick steel plate
  4. 2 pieces of 12x12 x ¾ in plywood for the top and vice base.
  5. LockNuts, bolts and washers to fit lug holes in spare. (I used ½ x 1in)
  6. 4 carriage bolts, nuts and washers to attach plywood to top.
  7. A 6 inch long ⅜ in bolt for height locking
<p>Great work, I like the idea of being able to move it around the work area</p>

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