Picture of Vicious Koala Attack Child Costume
A koala might seem like a cuddly animal, but deprive them of the eucalypt leaves fermenting in their guts keeping them permanently drunk, and you have a vicious killing machine.  When provoked, koalas are known to throw a foreleg around their opponent and bite. Help children understand the vicious nature of this seemingly cute but actually dangerous animal with a Koala Attack Halloween Costume.

Or, admit that you wanted to sew a fanged animal onto your child's clothing as a costume, and since really any animal will do for such high-concept art, a koala found at the local thrift shop allows one to pontificate about koalas' diet and aggressiveness.  
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Step 1: Get Cheap Stuffed Animals

Picture of Get Cheap Stuffed Animals
I found local thrift stores to be good source of stuffed animals. 

You won't believe this part:  I bought the koala for $1, and before starting in on my costume idea, tossed it into the washing machine.  After the spin-cycle, I heard a faint song coming from the washing machine.  Upon opening the door, imagine my surprise to hear "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" in beepy monotone emanating from the koala.  Not only had the electronics survived and then been activated by the washer, but someone had put the unofficial anthem of baseball into a marsupial native to Australia! 

Step 2: Cut Open the Mouth; Sew in Fangs

Picture of Cut Open the Mouth; Sew in Fangs
Where'd the dog come from?  I thought this was about koalas? 

I made the koala costume first and didn't take in-process images.  Plus, I figure a toddler is a more attractive intro image than the dog on my butt.  

Here, I've cut the dog's mouth, and hand-sewn in felt cut into the shape of teeth. 

Step 3: Sew onto Clothing

Picture of Sew onto Clothing
Here I've hand-sewn the dog onto an old pair of pants.  It is attached at the mouth and limbs.

Step 4: Apply Blood

Picture of Apply Blood
Globbed on red fabric puff paint looks very much like blood. 

Step 5: Try to Get Away from the Attacking Animal!

Picture of Try to Get Away from the Attacking Animal!
Run around!  Try to get away!  Scream! 

While proudly displaying this costume at the Instructables Halloween party, an Instructables editor said his girlfriend had actually been attacked by a koala! 
sheinonen3 years ago
Twisted, I like it. Perhaps shorter fangs or adifferent material would make the teeth look a little more teeth like... great idea.
Too funny, and cute. Help I'm being attacked by a drop bear!