Step 5: Try to Get Away From the Attacking Animal!

Run around!  Try to get away!  Scream! 

While proudly displaying this costume at the Instructables Halloween party, an Instructables editor said his girlfriend had actually been attacked by a koala! 
LOL. No seriously, I laughed out loud. Creative, adorable and disturbing all at once. :oP<br>I love the look on the childs face. Something tells me that child would bite back. Beyond adorable project and photo. Thank you for sharing this.
I thought this was soooooo Funny! Had to make one for myself and the dog. Meet Evil Bear and Demonic Unicorn....mwah-ha-haw!
Drop bear!
should have bought some drop bear repellent...
or a pointy hat.
I had a similar idea years ago. I wore my riding outfit (boots, jodpurs) and attached a stuffed fox to my neck. Added lots of fake blood. Used to get a lot of laughs!
I think everyone has forgotten that Koalas that have been fed after midnite morph into Drop Bears. Food for thought.
Twisted, I like it. Perhaps shorter fangs or adifferent material would make the teeth look a little more teeth like... great idea.<br>
You found someone's old Build-a-bear at the thrift shop, sounds like. So much for making a best friend... I speculate this is the explanation because I foolishly took a child of 5 there and he took a fancy to the same soundbox, even though he wasn't remotely interested in baseball. I couldn't persuade him to select a nice growly sound instead, so he has an otherwise lovely black plush bear that plays an annoying song.<br><br>I may get back at him by turning another, less expensive (for us, anyway) plushie into his worst nightmare! He's having a hard time choosing a costume.
cool costume idea<br>musta been an old promo toy from the dodgers fan club<br>they used a koala back in the day
I don't know what is scarier: The &quot;Koala&quot; or the child's expression...
I think that the teeth could be done better. Perhaps stuff them and give the illusion that they're sunk into the fleshy area. Otherwise, this is adorable and a very clever idea!
With teeth like that, that's not a koala, that's a drop bear. They look like koalas, but they're slightly bigger and they fall from trees in order to eat people.
When I saw this in the newsletter I immediately thought of drop bears.
Too funny, and cute. Help I'm being attacked by a drop bear!
Wooah! <br> <br>Berrr--rilliant! <br> <br>lol!
Yeah, seriously cute and clever.
While it is a great idea and looks terrific, to be honest, I bought my niece a Koala back pack for carrying her school stuff. It looked like she was giving it a piggyback ride as it's arms held on to he shoulders. It was a commercial product, so by default, YOURS is better.
something like gloomybear :)
That sir, is called a Drop Bear. They be dangerous things.
I love the attackee !!<br>
&quot;Lions and Tigers and Bears. Oh my!&quot; (Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz)
That must be the Autodesk lawyer dog.

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