My next USB Flash Drive is called "Time is Money". Brass coins, oak wood, 8 Gb TDK flash drive, clock parts and a little bit of imagination ;)) Exploded view attached
<p>i love ur works. beautiful, creative</p>
<p>Wow, this is incredibly gorgeous.</p>
Very nice, !! &lt;- two thumbs up. <br> <br>Where are the coins from? <br> <br>And how did you get the coin with the hole into the post on the end? <br> <br>Nice star pattern in the solder around the post, how do you do that? Small notches in the coin?
I like how you used the watch movement in a way that didn't make it look like it was just &quot;glued on.&quot; It actually looks like it's supposed to do something to make the flash drive function. Also, I like the red and brass look.
This looks very very nice :) Please make instructable :)
beautiful work
Looks awesome, how about a bit of an explanation to go with it?

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