Picture of Vic's Garden of Impending Fullness
Having a garden is beneficial to me in more than one way. My garden provides tasty foods which I choose based on the preferences of my own palate. It gives me something to do when I would otherwise be bored. It is a stress reliever.

For this instructable, I used the following:
a. a patch of ground for the vegetable garden area
b. a patch of ground for the flower bed
c. a garden claw suitable for the size of my hand
d. potting soil
e. styrofoam cups of 6 ounce capacity
f. small pail of 1.5 gallon capacity
g. various seeds (make your selections based on what you want to harvest)
h. water
i. me

Step 1: Let's see what we might already have

Picture of Let's see what we might already have

I'm going to have a look around. I want to determine what has continued from before, so I will know what I don't have to do this time.