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The principle of this prank is having the prankster’s mouse controlling the victim’s computer.


1. Wireless mouse (M1) and Wireless mouse receiver (R1) - Victim

2. Wireless mouse (M2) and Wireless mouse receiver (R2) - prankster

When the victim is away from their computer, you switch out their Wireless mouse receiver (R1) and put your wireless mouse receiver (R2) in victim's computer.

Note: The Wireless mouse receiver is the little button that goes into the USB port of the computer.

Leave wireless mouse receiver (R2) and wireless mouse (M1) in place at victim’s computer.

Take wireless mouse receiver (R1) out of sight along with wireless mouse (M2) with prankster.

When victim returns and starts using their computer, you can casually walk over to them with your prankster wireless mouse (M2) hidden behind you. They should notice right way something is wrong when their wireless mouse (M1) is not working. This is when you can start moving the mouse on the back of your pants. Your prankster wireless mouse (M2) will control victim’s computer.

Option if you live in a cubicle world you can control the victim’s computer from a distance.

See photo notes for more detail.


hunter999 (author)2014-04-05

Haha, this is an awesome idea Scott!

Will vote when accepted! :-)

Fikjast Scott (author)hunter9992014-04-07


hunter999 (author)Fikjast Scott2014-04-13

No problem :D

craftclarity (author)2014-04-07

Hee hee hee....can't wait to try this at work.

I just had to share

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