Victorian Bicycle-Chain Necklace





Introduction: Victorian Bicycle-Chain Necklace

This bike chain necklace is the first piece in what is to be a head-to-toe steampunk outfit. The inspiration is a Victorian colar and the materials are metal and glass. The challenge for the whole outfit is to use as many out-of-the-trash supplies as possible and end up with an elegant outfit.

1. Two lengths of bicycle chain to fit around your neck.
2. Ten to twelve bicycle spokes with nuts.
3. Clear acupuncture needle tubes.
4. Beads.
5. Fishing line or 24-gauge wire.
6. Lobster claw clasp (or similar)

1. Bicycle chain tool or hammer and awl.
2. Scissors.
3. Wire cutters.
4. Needle nose pliers.

You can check out the tutorial for the rest of the outfit here.

Step 1: Bicycle Chain Necklace - Video Tutorial

Step 2: Bicycle Chain Necklace - Photo Tutorial

Though the video tutorial covers all the steps for making this necklace, here are some photos to show the stages.



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    It looks like it will stab your neck - has anyone tried it on & tried to move there neck around?

    I've worn it and it feels quite comfortable. There is nothing sharp touching the skin.

    Your Steampunk jewelry is amazing, and I love that you're upcycling at the same time. So creative--would love to see more like this!

    Thanks! Where there is trash, there will be upcycled beauty. : )

    the best far steampunk jewlery piece excellent !

    This is the neatest piece of steampunk jewelry I've ever seen!  Awesome work, puppy!

    Imagination just needs a little hint :). Certainly crazy cool project :).