Victorian Ghost Costume





Introduction: Victorian Ghost Costume

This is a costume I have been mulling over for a few years now that I had planned on creating for my husband & myself. As per usual we do not like to do the norm at our house when it comes to Halloween. This year my kids wanted me to go all out and wanted to be scary & unrecognizable! We had such an amazing response in our small home town, my daughter kept asking me why everyone was staring at her? Then strangers were taking pictures and we had so many compliments! I am really proud of this costume duo this year! I hope everyone else enjoys it as well!

Step 1: Making the Ghostly Tux

I purchased the 5 piece suit on eBay for $25 & the had for $3. I used cheese cloth, a game bag, left over pieces of material from my scrap stash, elastic, hot glue, 1 can of black colored hairspray and a good ole needle and thread. I tore up pieces of material and glued them onto the cumber-bun, bow tie and hat. I then hand sewed scraps of material to the hem of the pants and more to elastic wrist bands I made to fit my sons wrists. I then got real creative with the material I used from one of my husbands game bags and added accents to the jacket. Then to give it a real "old" effect I sprayed the black hairspray around the edges and all over the suit to give it the old and dusty look.

Step 2: Re-making the Gown

I purchased this amazing vintage gown on eBay for $15. It was so creepy looking on its own that I didn't feel I needed to to much to it. I started by cutting length from the bottom in a jagged fashion and then slitting the hem. I did need to tack the sides so it fit her better and I also added a petticoat from an old wedding dress I used in another costume to make it look more fuller at the bottom. Again using black hairspray to give it the old and dusty look.

Step 3: Make-up

Adding make-up and letting them just add their own character to the costume was the easy part!



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Scary, but so well done. Thank you.

Your children will haunt my nightmares. Amazing job and congrats to the kids for committing to the character. Great work

Woah the photos are just awesome! I love the use of cheese cloth on the tux, it's just so perfect! I just wish there were some in progress pics.

I wish I would have thought ahead! I did take a pre-reconstruction pic.

Dang, you have some creepy-looking children...