I run the haunted house at my daughter's elementary school and have been wanting to make a "Haunted Mansion" type costume for a few years. This year I finally had some time to do it. It was made from a commerical pattern.

Step 1: Materials

the patterns that I used were from a company called Truly Victorian. The bodice is pattern TV 460 and the skirt is TV261. I made them just as the instructions called for.


Truly Victorian bodice TV460
Truly Victorian skirt TV261
Material for bodice- fake raw silk
Material for bodice lining- lining acetate material
Rigilene boning
3" lace for bow at collar
Material for skirt- medium weight woven cotton material
Stiff netting for skirt pouf
ribbon or cord for skirt pouf
cheap felt top hat
fine netting for hat veil
Sewing machine and general sewing notions

This looks awesome. Just add some zombie make-up!

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