Step 3: Clock Face

The clock face was created over a core of 1/4" plywood. Two sheets of brass were epoxied to the core and the edges folded over and epoxied to the back. 

I originally attempted to epoxy the stainless steel to the brass, but after a messy failure with that redesigned the face so that the steel could be held down with small machine bolts. Using a drill press and lots of clamps the steel was centered and fastened to the core.

The drill press was used again to drill out the holes for the leds, which were then hot glued to the core.
Great idea and guide! I voted for this guide in the LED! <br> <br> I am a complete noob to this, but fell in love with the idea of this build and decided I would give it a try using your guide. The clock works perfectly...with no SET buttons. It actually works fine with the SET and SET_SEC. However, when I wire in the SET_MIN and SET_HR the LED's freeze for the minute and hour. The seconds continue without problem. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Thanks!
Thanks for the compliment, and the vote! <br> <br>The way the set buttons are added to the schematic makes them pretty optional. I actually have a problem with my buttons where they set 2 steps ahead instead of just one for some reason, so setting the clock after a storm is a little pain (of course waiting until midnight to plug it in without the buttons might be worse). <br> <br>What are the normal positions of the buttons you are using? The SET ought to be Normally Closed, whereas the SET_SEC, SET_MIN and SET_HR buttons are all Normally Open. If you used N.C. buttons on those two sets by accident it would throw open the clock input of the 4024's to constant 9v power and make them freeze. <br> <br>Let me know what happens! <br> <br>
I increased the resistors for the buttons and now the clock runs fine with the buttons in place! <br> <br>Similar to you, occasionally when using the set buttons the clock it will jump 2-3 steps instead of 1. I might try some different button styles to see if this helps. <br> <br>

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