Victorian Inspired Fingerless Mittens




Introduction: Victorian Inspired Fingerless Mittens

This is a pair of fingerless mittens I have made for my daughter. I can't take the credit for the wonderful pattern though. The pattern is available free from VO Knits. I've also made a pair in the same colours as the one on the pattern site and they are beautiful, but my youngest daughter loves yellow, so these are her choice.
The pattern calls for the mittens to be knitted on double pointed knitting needles and although I can knit that way, I don't really like to. Just recently a friend told me about the magic loop, a method of knitting using a circular needle as opposed to 4 or 5 double pointed needles. This method is a lot easier (so easy, even my 13 year old has picked it up with no trouble) and I would highly recommend anyone who knits to learn it. I learnt from  a video which you can find here.
I'm not sure what the yarn specified in the pattern is like, but I wanted to use 8 ply acrylic. With my choice of yarn, I had to change to 4mm needles as opposed to 4.5mm as stated in the pattern to get the mittens a nice size for my daughter's hands.



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