Victorian Speakers

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These are speakers I designed and made for my design technology class. See my design website here to look at my full research process:

The task for this unit is to design a set of designer speakers that will be specific to a certain client's needs, while exploring the appeal of designer products. 

Brief: I will design a speaker for an audiophile who seeks maximum quality sound and a great design. It will be used at a home study and will radiate a cross between a victorian and modern look that is of high sound and material quality. For maximum sound quality and good design, it should be a set of stereo speakers inside one speaker enclosure, and easily portable and designed for laptop and smartphone use.

** Quick notes:
1) I'd advise you to read through all my steps before starting because being a novice, I mess up in a lot of places and I'll give you tips on how to avoid these messups in later steps.
2) I'm a student, so if you're very familiar with design, don't expect this tutorial to be to your level. I'm a novice, and I'm very unfamiliar with all the tools available. If you're in that position, then this is perfect for you. :)

If I win the Hurricane Laser competition, that will be even more amazing! I'll be able to use it to cut many other designs, and use it for engraving and personalising products!

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Step 1: Draw out the final design to scale

Picture of Draw out the final design to scale
2012-05-25 17.48.54.jpg
This is necessary to plan the measurements and materials needed.

Here's a picture of my design, and the second is the one with measurements (ignore the horns, they were too time-consuming and thus left out)

The material I decided to use was pine wood, which I will later on lacquer/ paint.
MattCP1 year ago
PVA...(Polyvinyl acetate) not PDA
MattCP1 year ago
That looks Great!

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