(However I didn't captured every step when i made this board and it's been quite a while a go I made it, I will try to describe the steps as completely as possible)

A few years ago I really wanted a longboard dancer. If you are not familiar with what that is; it is a longboard but usually quite a bit longer than the average already oversized (skate)longboards. Mostly around 1m20 but there are boards up to 2m. "But why...", you may ask, " skating such an unhandy big board?" because you can do so much awesome freakin' cool stuff with such a board! You can think of it as a kind of big rolling dancefloor (hence the name longboard dancer,..duh..). It is usually not the kind of boards that are used for kickflips, grinds, poolriding or other fancy, but boring, stuff...(Just kidding, I love those skate styles too, like almost everything skateboard involved). However there are exceptions off course and those kind of tricks are done but might be harder to do. The length of the board is used more for the practice of the moves you'll see surfers doing on their longboards: Crosssteps, hangtens, pirouettes, handstands and such. But this is al a lot of words, it might be better to show some video's. Because I'm not a very good longboard dancer, but I just love doing it, I will show some youtube video's of others, so you get a better idea of the possibilities . The first is of the Dutch longboard event "So you think you can longboarddance" in which you can see different riders:

The second is of American legend Adam Colton, pretty weird and a bit long but awesome:

And ok, last video is of me doing only a handstand on the Victoria board (it isn't much and from quiet a while ago but I haven't much footage of me and this board. Maybe later):

Enough about the theory, let's start building!

p.s. Because of entering the Epilog laser contest I would like to say that off course I would love to have a lasercutter to cut out my tracing molds, my griptape and do the pyrographic stuff with the lasercutter. Besides that I would even cut out a complete longboard with another experimental idea I have for a view years now which demands a lasercutter!

Cyborg20041 month ago
Wow nice board you made :D keep up the good work!

Lol I didn't know you needed me in your tool list ;)

Greets, Sander van Oort
Dave A (author)  Cyborg20041 month ago

Thanks. I had doubts if I had to mention to use "oortdopjes" when using the sander but I think guess that is obvious to you, haha.

bricobart1 year ago

Poetry in motion! If this isn't an invitation to make a longboard, no need to post longboard-related I'bles ever again!

Dave A (author)  bricobart1 year ago

Thank you Bricobart, coming from somebody with such awesome nice woodworking instructables it means a lot to me!

BadPuns1 year ago
If I ever decide to build a longboard, I am coming back here. My friend is into them and I might make him one just for an excuse to build one.
Ciege6661 year ago

You may not be the most talented long board dancer sir, but you make one hell of a beautiful long board. Well done sir, well done.

wilgubeast1 year ago

That looks awesome. First of all, I had no idea that longboard dancing was a thing. But longboards are a thing, dancing is a thing, and it's only natural that the two would be combined. (I guess? It doesn't matter, 'cause it's wonderful to watch.)

Second, I really like that you managed the look of a previous era subtly. I particularly like your routed flourishes.

Dave A (author)  wilgubeast1 year ago

Thank you for your kind words!