For this idea I used some plastic cups, a metal rod, and a drill.  See how it is done.
Great tip!!!&nbsp;:)<br />
I&nbsp;tough I&nbsp;had got rickrolled from instructables.. lawl!<br /> Nice trick! will prove to be usefull one day ;)<br />
&nbsp;Awesome tutorial m8. I'll have to remember this one. :)
Simple and very effective!<br />
&nbsp;Give it a try!
This is a tutorial I can use.&nbsp; Why?&nbsp; Cuase it works.. AND it's CHEAP!<br />
&nbsp;You got it!
Cooooooooool<br />
&nbsp;Wow! its so colorful... great trick!
That is a cool 'water' lighting affect.&nbsp; I didn't think it would have been so simple to recreate!&nbsp; Thanks for sharing Chappy!
&nbsp;Yeah, simple ingenuity.
This is so simple and cheap&nbsp;but effective.&nbsp; Awesome...thanks!&nbsp;
&nbsp;I appreciate the comment.

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