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Introduction: Video Production Company

I want to make science accessible to the average Joe. I also want to show things that I admire, things that inspire me.  One of those projects is at a nearby blind school. Students there learn, among other things, to cook, and to use power tools without the use of their eyes. They do some very nice woodworking, too.  Another project is The National Renewable Energy Lab. They're doing some great stuff like hydrogen and biofuels.  

One area I like to share is my mistakes. We tend to learn a lot from mistakes, and I like documenting and sharing how my mistakes have led to improvement.



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    Are you wanting some funding for all the extra photo equipment you need? Your video here is excellent and gives us an idea of all you'd like to accomplish. You might want to go to and post your video, your budget, your desires and possible perks for your potential investors. You've got some great ideas! We want more!

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    Thanks. I'll check that out!