My 3d printed "Video Skate Dolly" is a handy piece of gear to add to your collection. It has an adjustable arm, rotating base, and tilting head. The wheels can also be adjusted to shoot a 360 degree video. Using recycled roller-blade wheels and PLA plastic it is easy on the environment and your budget.

Sample video shot with the Video Skate Dolly is at http://www.engineeringwithjazz.com/

Step 1: Required Parts

3d printed parts can be found at

Print all parts at 33%+ to prevent flexing and add stability.

You will need to print:

9 of the small handles

3 large handles

2 hubs

2 arms

Required hardware:

3 rubber washers

4 roller blade wheels with bearings

All nuts and bolts are 1/4"-20 thread.

11 nuts

4pc of 1-1/2" bolts for wheels

4pc of 1" bolts for rail and arm

2pc of 1-1/4" bolts for base

1pc of 2" bolt for camera head

1pc of 3/4" bolts to attach to camera

Step 2: Build the Cart

Take the 2 hubs and insert the 6 nuts into the slots. You may need to use a screwdriver to help push them in all the way

Then place 4 small handles on the 1-1/2" bolts.

Next connect the hubs to the wheels using the bolts.

Then take 2 more small handles and insert 1" bolts.

Align the hubs over the raised rings of the rails then screw down with the bolts.

Step 3: Build the Arm

Insert two nuts into the base slots and one nut into each of the arms.

Then take a rubber washer and one arm (side without nut) and inset them into the base slot.

Place a large handle onto a 1-1/4" bolt and tighten the arm to the base.

Then use another 1-1/4" bolt and large handle to attach the other arm.

Step 4: Bulid the Camera Mount

Insert a nut into the bottom camera mount slot.

Insert the two camera mount pieces together by aligning the slots and pushing.

Then place a small handle on the 2" bolt and tighten the camera mount together.

Next place a rubber washer between the arm and camera mount and tighten together using a large handle.

Step 5: Attach Arm to Cart

Using a 1" bolt and small handle attach the arm to the cart.

Then using a 3/4" bolt and small handle plus a couple of washers if necessary to tighten the camera onto the camera mount.

Now you are ready to shoot your next great video.

Check out http://www.engineeringwithjazz.com/ to see sample footage.

Any questions? I will be glad to answer them in the comments.

<p>Awesome! I made a similar device a few years ago, to get a smoother motion I added a small hand powered pulley that had a ratio with more teeth on the pulley than the handle to wind up a thread, this could be easily rapid prototyped even with the addition of a small motor!</p>
<p>Thanks for the great idea! I was thinking of using a fishing rod and reel but that is troublesome indoors.</p>
Congrats!! Looks great my curation is how much it costed to print out and do u have a link to the website you used? Thank u for sharing :)
<p>I made this on a Maker Bot at my dad's work so I don't know how much it would cost. </p>
<p>Wow, this is super cool!</p>

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