Video Filters for IPod Nano 5G





Introduction: Video Filters for IPod Nano 5G

 NOTE: Don't complain to me about this not working on your iPod if you don't have an iPod Nano 5G. It has a camera on the back.

 You may know this already, but you can distort/filter the videos you take on the iPod, similar to (If you're familiar with Macs) Photo Booth effects.

Step 1: Get There

 Go into video camera mode.

 Press and hold the center button a couple seconds.

Step 2: Choose the Effect

 Alright, now you should have in front of you four effects, scroll down and down and down and you find a total of 16 effects! Woo-hoo! Many of them are the same as Photo Booth effects. However, there are a few more that Photo Booth does not have.

• X-Ray: A negative sort of look.
• Sepia: Sepia.
• Black & White: B&W.
• Cyborg: Reddish tint, circle in the middle, general HUD look
• Security cam: Blueish tint, sort of an interlaced look, flickers every few seconds, grainy
• Film Grain: B&W, grainy, lines, projector look
• Thermal: Converts brightness into hue, making it look like a thermal camera
• Kaleidoscope: Kaleidoscope
• Mirror: Takes the left side of the image and repeats it on the right
• Bulge: Bulges the center
• Motion Blur: Blurs the motion. Also called the "ghost effect".
• Dent: "Pulls" the image into the center
• Twirl: Twists the center
• Light Tunnel: A circle in the center is in focus, the rest is the outermost pixel in the circle repeated outward.
• Stretch: Similar to "Bulge".

Step 3: Experiment!

 I hope this Instructable helped with you using your iPod. (Your using your iPod? Your iPod use? Your iPod's using? Your iPod's usingness? I dunno.) This is the sort of thing that's really cool but probably very easily overused.



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I had absolutely no idea my little iPod had these features. Thank you very much!

lol timothy I know someone named Timothy with an iPod nano 5g

...What country? xD

Oh. XD Guess he's not me... ;P