Always wanted to make a video intallation but never had a clue how to do it? Here's one!

Step 1: Requirements

Matrasses and Tunnels:

- 3x 1.70 m of happy fabric for the matrasses
- 3x 1,00 m of happy fabric for the tunnels
- 3 x 1.00 m of black fabric for the inside of the tunnels
- a sewingmachine
- scissors
- thread
- needles.
- 3 Pieces of (coloured) rope

Electric stuff:

- 3 DVD players
- 3 LCD monitors
- 3 Video-audio cables
- Multiple sockets


- 3x 4m of thin chain
- Plastic straps
- A ladder
- 3 Empty dvd's
- 3 Movies
- 1 Computer to burn your dvd's
- Ducktape
- Plastic, fabric or foam to fill the matrasses
- Scissors to cut the plastic straps
Could you upload the videos, too? Thanks.
Could you please explain what a video installation is? My guess is that some other people may not know, so could you put it in the intro of the instructable? Thanks!
yeah i have no clue really what you are talking about here.

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