Step 4: Preparing to Install Expand Ram Disk

In order to successfully install VLC need to enlarge the RAM Disk If you try to install straight off the web or off the network without doing this it will always fail - You Need enough Temp file space for all the VLC files to fully expand they then copy to drive C . To do this Open
Administrative Tools and then HP Ramdisk Manager and set the Ram Disk size to the absolute Maximum of 64Megs !

I have a idea for thin clients, making game consoles out of them. I'm trying to mod a Windows installation so specifically game apps can be opened, not explorer.
Should not be a problem as long as all the needed files to run the "games" are included in the games package - even the simplest game will some times not run for example the simple windows solitare game its executable is sol.exe - install this and it does not run - however install cards.dll in the root directory and it runs fine for many games you need a lot more support files-as long as these are installed should run.
I don't mean replacing explorer with a game, i mean making a GUI for opening games on a USB/Internal drive, without having DLL's to handle with. Also, i have lots of low spec games, for example Catz 4, i only need 95/98, with a 166 MHz Processor, 32MB RAM, 300 MB HDD space (Fits on a CD), a 256-Colors graphics card, and a 16-bit soundcard. That'll do it on my HP T5500.

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