Picture of Videocard Cooking Aid
Well I always wanted to do an instructable with magnets but I never had any ideas until now. I had to raid 3 hard drives for the magnets for this project and I think it turned out fine. This magnet is used for holding up books on the fridge for cooking.
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Step 1: Get the Materials

Picture of Get the Materials
3 Hard drives worth of magnets
Gorilla Glue
Obsolete video card

Step 2: Glue First Magnet

Picture of Glue First Magnet
Put a small bead of glue on the magnet, then put it on the back of the cars and finally clamp it for 3-4 hours.

Step 3: Glue Second Magnet

Picture of Glue Second Magnet
Well its the same process as before but don't let sticky magnets go together.

Step 4: Glue Final Magnet

Picture of Glue Final Magnet
Same steps as before

Step 5: Final Thoughts

Picture of Final Thoughts
As you can see from the previous picture i had to grind some tabs off the middle magnet so to save time use flat magnets only.
nearadyn6 years ago
You shouldn't have used a rage 3d pro! In the words of Indiana Jones: "That belongs in a museum!"
Umm...I'm sorry if I am missing it, but does this instructable have ANY point?
icanryme2002 (author)  alternativesurfer8 years ago
yes if you have a small kitchen and you have nowhere to put the book you can put it on the fridge
Using a video card
it's also working for network card !
It doesn't matter what you use. It is the fact that there is no point to have a video card.
OK, you don't like the video card and the network card, use a sound card instead, or a motherboard !! icanryme2002 found it fun to use a videocard and hdd magnet. it's a bit nonsense, it's for for fun !! I'm olivierdemontpellier and i approve this Instructable !
Estwald7 years ago
Why is the video card obsolete ? Oh, wait, it's an ATI.... never mind !! };-)
Derin Estwald7 years ago
oh shut up everyone knows ati pwns nvidia since it is a part of AMD which also pwns
Estwald Derin7 years ago
Derinsleepsays: oh shut up...

Apparently you didn't read the box below the the test box where you typed your comment. To remind you, it says:
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Why'd it say that you had to get your magnets from three hard drives then?
icanryme2002 (author)  Weissensteinburg8 years ago
each magnet is from a different harddrive
You should say that you need two hard drives worth of magnets then, because you used 3, and two drives will give you 4 magnets.
Take apart more, different manufactures hard drives and you will find that some designs only use one magnet. Thus, icanryme2002 must have been getting his magnets from one magnet designs.
Why does this matter so much? Three magnets... 1 2 3
So that if someone is trying to do this, they don't get halfway through and realize they destroyed an extra hard drive.
If they ruin old hard drives that would have zero value to them otherwise?
They may have some other use for them.
Estwald7 years ago
With a small, thin screwdriver and a small hammer all it takes is a light tap to break the glue bond and seperate the magnet from the piece of metal its mounted to. Vola', no worries about any bumps bends or otherwise.
so your basicly putting magnets on a video card, to use as magnets....?
unclelar8 years ago
OMG ! what is the big deal about the number of hard drives he used.Just count the mags and go from there.
Aren't there two magnets in each hard drive?

"You now have access to the first of the two magnets.
See that thing that has a number on it... Thats a magnet. You will have to pull really hard to get it off.
Directly underneath that is the second magnet. you may need to use a knife to get it off."
Some hard drives only have a single magnet.
Then maybe he should just put "# hard drive magnets"?
icanryme2002 (author)  Weissensteinburg8 years ago
i know in total i got 5 magnets from 3 harddrives 1 only had 1 my friend stole one and i broke 1 trying to get the tabs off for another project