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Introduction: Vietnamese Coffee

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Feeling tired and need something to wakeup? Try making a Vietnamese coffee using a Vietnamese filter (also known as Phin in Vietnam)! The Vietnamese often go to cafes to drink their coffee as a social event, they do not drink it on the go. So one must wait patiently for this delicious high caffeine booster to drip through the single serving filter; it's well worth the wait!

What you'll need:

  • Vietnamese filter
  • Ground coffee
  • Condensed milk
  • Glass
  • Boiled water

Step 1: Preparations

  1. Boil water
  2. Place the Vietnamese filter on top of the glass
  3. Pour just a little bit of hot water into the filter (this heats the filter)
  4. Spill out the water that has dripped into the glass

Step 2: Pour Condensed Milk Into Glass

Pour as much or as little condensed milk into the glass as you'd like. Typically it's about 1/3 inch on the bottom.

Place the Vietnamese filter on top of the glass.

Step 3: Add Coffee and Hot Water to Filter

  1. Add 3 tea spoons ground coffee for a nice dark brew. Any type of coffee can be used as long as it's medium coarse ground (if it's too fine the grinds will just go through the filter!)
  2. Fill the Vietnamese filter with hot water
  3. Patiently wait for the coffee to drip through!

Step 4: Enjoy!

Once the filter has finished dripping, your Vietnamese Coffee is ready to enjoy!

(Optional: If the coffee is too strong, you can add boiling water to dilute it. You can also add ice to make it an Iced Vietnamese Coffee)

Step 5:



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Do you happen to know where to get a vietnamese filter? I love strong coffee, so this sounds great!

if you don't have one simply use any cotton cloth.

I got mine in Vietnam but it looks like you can buy it on amazon! Here's a link

Great instructions and I'm glad to see people getting educated on Vietnamese coffee.

I think I have something to offer your readers to help them out with the best Vietnamese beans to get to go along with your write up.

As a Vietnamese person who lives for coffee it drove me
absolutely crazy that I couldn’t get Vietnamese coffee beans in the States. Most brands from Vietnam are sold as ground
coffee, often with filler and I much prefer whole beans for quality and

I started bringing Vietnamese coffee beans to the US at
first for my own consumption before all my friends and family wanted to drink
what I’m drinking as well. The next
thing that I know, we launched a business called ChestBrew, where we harvest
and roast the best Vietnamese coffee beans and distribute it them on

Leveraging off of Amazon’s
amazing distribution network, our fans are able to get coffee to their door for
less than what it used to cost me to send a bag to my friends. Due to the demand, we’re often sold out, so
if you don’t get a bag right away, I ask for your patience, the coffee is so
good it’s worth it.

These beans along with these instructions are a good way to go for the best Vietnamese Iced Coffee.


Very cool

hi sir, I'm Vietnamese. I was very glad to know you like VN's coffee style. But I think you was lost 1 step.

after put 40mg of coffee in the empty chamber of the filter

Put the insert inside on top of the coffee, then pour in a LITTLE hot water and wait 1min to swell the coffee.

Next, you have to press the insert inside 2-3 times to get all the bubble out. Then we fill the hot water and wait for the great coffee cup.

Don't you stir it

Dang the auto correct! Should be phin not phone filter!

I got a phone filter at an Asian grocery and tried this. I put ice in. This was better than a latte anywhere!