Introduction: Vietnamese Spring Rolls

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Rice paper rolls
Vermicelli noodles
Fillings of your choice (all sliced into fine strips)
    - tofu
    - cooked prawns
    - shredded duck
    - chicken strips
    - carrots
    - courgettes (zuccini)
    - chives
    - spring onion
    - cabbage
    - baby corn
    - spinach
    - coriander
    - peppers
    - snap peas
    - bean sprouts
    - letttuce

Step 1:

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If you can boil a kettle and slice some veg then these spring rolls are going to be so easy!

My local supermarket sells a pack that has the noodles, rice paper and a dipping sauce but you should be able to buy the rice paper and noodles on their own.

Step 2:

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The sheets you use to make the rolls need to be worked with quickly so I like to get all of my fillings ready. I've used carrots, courgette, baby corn, chives, snap peas, bok choy cabbage and tofu.  I've listed ideas for fillings below in the "ingredients".  It's fine to use raw ingredients but I lightly steamed most of mine - it's just personal preference.  If you do steam your fillings, let them cool before making the spring rolls.

Step 3:

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Boil some water and soak the vermicelli noodles until soft then drain thoroughly.

Step 4:

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Fill a bowl with warm water and let the rice paper to soak for 2 seconds then drip dry and lay flat on a clean surface (I used a plate).  The rice paper will continue to soften.

The rice paper gets quite sticky so I found it helps to leave one side hanging over the edge of the plate so you can pick it up easily.

Pick the fillings you want and lay them in the middle of the rice paper.

Step 5:

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 Fold one side over tightly...

Step 6:

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And then roll as tightly but gently as you can.


Serve with your favourite dipping sauce.  I used some sweet chilli sauce with a little of soy sauce but a  hoisin sauce would also be lovely as would my standard dipping sauce - soy sauce, sesame oil, diced ginger, mirin and a little vinegar.


pddonovan2011 (author)2014-06-17

There is a short easy pickling that they do to some of the veggies, usually Carrot and Dicon. How do you do THAT part? THAT is what will out this recipe OVER THE TOP!!

kcli (author)2013-04-28

Yum...I luv these fut get frustrated when rolling. Your idea to leave some of the wet wrapper hanging over the plate is brilliant, and I'm ready to give them another try!

kcli (author)kcli2013-04-28

Oops..."but" not "fut" (what the heck is fut??)

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