View All Steps of an Instructables Page at Once Without Being Logged In


Introduction: View All Steps of an Instructables Page at Once Without Being Logged In

Exactly what it says: View All Steps of an Instructables Page at Once Without Being Logged in

*Extremely simple

Step 1: Do It

Just go to the instructable you want to see, eg.
Now, in the address bar after the address of the instructable, add "?ALLSTEPS" without the quotes. It should look like this:
Hit enter and you're done.

See picture



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    yes this works iv been doing it for awhile now...only problem is you can't see large pictures....even when you log in you can't

    2 replies

    really? the big pictures show up when I'm logged in. that sucks.

    It must be you computer. Try refreshing the page when it doesn't show the big pictures.

    That's cool. I didn't know someone already made that. This was just for when you're on instructables and you don't want to waste time logging in or viewing each step separately - you could just hit a few keys and save a lot of time. I guess you could still use this if you're not at home (and don't have a portable firefox with your extensions) or if you're using IE (which sucks; I don't know why anyone uses it).

    This is a bug on the site and should be fixed.

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    Looks to me like they actively added it as a feature. I'd wait a month or so and see if login numbers increase :p In any case, logging in gets rid of some ads (at least it used to) - much more annoying than the 3-5 seconds to log in :)

    umm, ok. I never had to be logged on in the past to view all steps...

    2 replies

    Looks like you haven't been logged out recently then ;)

    I didn't think you needed to be logged in either. Kewl kids don't log out.

    I think it falls under "feature" instead of "bug". Trying to get more people to join the site, instead of just surfing. Better chance of people posting their own stuff, if members. Also, better revenue, if they can point to ever increasing member enrollment.

    :-|??? i can see every image and step wile logged out.. i dont know why you cant see them....

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    it's new. first time I saw it was the day I made the instructable.

    It takes less than half as much time to just type 8 characters and hit enter.

    Slightly different problem here: I can view all steps, but I can't see any large images when logged-out.

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    Yeah, I noticed that. It sucks. It kind of messed up the point of this instructable, because you still have to log in to see everything.

    ya thankz i noticed this too but its a huge pain even thought im a member guess they whant for members ?