Step 3: Radio Transmisson

This part is entirely optional. We placed a video splitter on the camera and ran it to a 800mW 900Mhz radio transmitter. Now, a word of caution. You do need an Amateur Radio License to legally operate something of this power. It is true that you can buy them anyways, but it is good to stay legal. The nice thing is, it is easy to get your license. 

The information needed to get your license is located here:


<p>Great idea though :)</p>
<p>Looks like a bomb-belt. Moving around in public like that might be lethal these days :\</p><p>You should wear a shirt showing &quot;scientist&quot; or &quot;inventor&quot; ;)</p>
This instructable is amazing! After I figure out how to stabilize the camera I'm going to build this!! Great job!
What would make an ideal presentation of the whole experience IMO would be the<br>video of you walking around and a P in P of what you yourself are seeing at<br>the same time.<br><br>Meanwhile, congrats for a thoroughly entertaining instructable. <br><br>Love this website.
For outdoor use only it is HMMM<br><br>YODA!!!!
just a thought but would a higher view with a wide angle camera give a better perspective for the 3rd person view?
That is really cool i had an idea for something just like that, but the camera had a wireless feed because it was placed somewhere not atached to you<br>
The first line of this instructable is inaccurate:<br><br>&quot;This is a project which will literally pull your mind out from your head.&quot;<br><br>You don't mean literally. That sentence works if you delete &quot;literally.&quot; You mean the opposite of literally: figuratively. But we get that as long as you don't say literally.<br><br>In current popular usage, the word &quot;literally&quot; is not used literally or correctly 96 percent of the time.<br><br>My work here is done.
Hi. Positive and constructive comment here. While you are perfectly right about your previous statement, I would think that you would at least comment on his instructable. Spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc. are not the main focus of this website. It doesn't look good when you criticize someone about the correct way to use a word and totally ignore their hard work. If you haven't already, I think you should apologize to BigRedRocket for starting this catastrophe and distracting people from his work, even if you didn't mean to, and give him his due respect. <br><br>With that being said, great instructable BigRedRocket!
How old are you? Because you are acting like a rude 10 year old who just learned how to use words in a sentence and went on a correcting spree.
You didn't have any work here... be gone
Who gives a literal how he used literally we got his meaning.
We got his meaning because we decided he didn't mean what he said.<br>
We got what his meaning was because we didn't take his meaning, of literally, literally... did you get what I mean by that or is my meaning to literal for you to understand my meaning of understanding the meaning of his literal meaning?
Do you know the difference between to, two, and too? You may not be ready for more complicated concepts like &quot;literally.&quot;
You're literally being a tool.<br><br>On a more constructive note, the &quot;position&quot; of the mind is highly linked with our visual reference point - thus if our vantage point is outside our body, as it is here, after some adjustment time we will feel like we are living outside our body. So your mind is literally pulled outside your head.<br><br>Your work here was awful, you are fired.
hughperman, again, you're using the term &quot;literally&quot; in a superfluous and non-literal way. Take your last meaningful sentence:<br><br>&quot;So your mind is literally pulled outside your head.&quot;<br><br>It works if you delete the word &quot;literally.&quot; Otherwise it creates an odd and meaningless image. A mind cannot be literally pulled anywhere. Only figuratively.<br><br>A lot of people have the idea that adding the word &quot;literally&quot; to an otherwise perfectly good sentence somehow increases the intensity of meaning. It doesn't.
Absolutely an awesome idea. There's many camera rigs out there, but this one is unique because I'm not quite sure if I've seen it used in videos before now. Anyways, I can see tons of potential in it. You could make videos of what a &quot;real life&quot; third person game would look like!
Thanks, you inspired me to make a similar rig for filming.&nbsp;It's on a very long boom with a 0.45x lens. Wobbles a lot, but seems to recover fast. I'll see how it fares with MTB trails :)<br> <br> <div class="media_embed"> <iframe frameborder="0" height="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/63wSisnONk8" width="425"></iframe></div> <br> <div class="media_embed"> <iframe frameborder="0" height="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/-yCgZ7EB80k" width="560"></iframe></div>
would it be possible to do this with only one eye instead of both? (kinda retarted, bear with me) I'd like to know what it'd be like looking both in front and in back of me at the same time.<br>firoblackfire@yahoo.com
Sure, although I would imagine that it would mess with your head. It would be a neat experiment. <br><br>The goggles I have can take a 3D video source input. That requires a interlaced video signal which is difficult to generate. If you can find goggles that take in two separate video sources it would be a lot easier.
That is awesome. If I had that on, I'd keep thinking I was in a video game. Which isn't really a bad thing :)
Reply from Qu&eacute;bec :P <br>Nice project. It remember me a project I made. I used a small circuit from a broken IR remote controled car (+- 30grams) with a TIP4*** for drive the camera righ/left with a 9-12v geerbox from a BBq chicken turning rod... U Know... It turn veeeeerrrrrryyyyyyy slow. And used the front/reverse for the zoom <br> <br>I don't what imagine the feeling with as wiimote attached to your head/neck!!! Remember ROBOCOP <br>
Ingenius idea :) 5/5 instructable<br><br>You might want to really tuck away them AV leads though, so a cop doesn't shoot you thinking you have a bomb.
Indeed a good observation
Thanks, yeah it does look a little nefarious. We were in the middle of nowhere behind our school, so there were no issues.
I might do this with a GoPro camera then it would be crystal clear video and a 170 degree view.
you don't need 3d cameras just a bit of math, another camera and some more pvc pipe. more work but a couple thousand dollars cheaper.
The goggles only have a 3d video input. I can't hook up two cameras and then 'use some math' and attach it to the goggles. It requires interlaced video. <br><br>Most of these off the shelf goggles have a single video input, and they typically have a single LCD inside with optics to split it up. Ideally I would have goggles with two independent screens with separate inputs, then it would be easy.
the 'math&quot; i spoke of was for the placement of the cameras. there are several stereoscopic image splicers (or whatever the hell there called, they had a spiffy name) on the market that will take the dual input of two separate cameras (weather it supports component or not, i have no idea) and output in various formats, interlaced being one of them (some support shutter glasses). while i haven't heard of anyone using these to view themselves in 3rd person i have seen them used for other portable projects (ie. on top of a rc car) so look around maybe that will work for you. or find glasses with separate inputs...
Have you seen any of these multiplexers for a reasonable price?
would be nice if they redesigned the camera mount and made a sensor so that when the user looked up, down, or side to side the camera would move to with his head movements.
Yeah, we had thought about this. It would be pretty easy to do, but we didn't have the time to get that working as well.
That is awesome :D
awesome! i'm going to try to build one of these from my birthday money
nvm looks like a 98 custom, u just mounted that scope on it, in the video it looks different.
what paintball marker is that? it looks like some aug... and if i were u i wouldn't actually try paintballing wit that
ur weird.<br><br>too much video games
press button on shoulder, so when you look down sight it switches camera's. run of arduni or something.
this also could be useful in creating some non-human halloween costume
Great Idea. I can just see it being implemented into a game environment and used for such. If you guys have any experience with game making you should look in to it.
great instructable. <br>recently saw one of these at an airport and it seems to fit nicely with what you want to do <br>http://ardrone.parrot.com<br><br>its software is open source (GNU)<br>head tracking was accomplished here<br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyX8WnO2ml8<br>with a little coding perhaps some extra cameras and some http://www.vuzix.com goggles <br>you could have the third person view of your dreams<br><br>maby you could try using galvanic vestibular stimulation to control the person.<br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kf0E9llkZIU
I wonder how what it would be like to reverse the camera and show the image only to one side of the goggle. Then you would really have an eye on the back of your head. One eye would see in front and the other would see behind. I wonder how long it would take for your eyes to adjust, if ever.
cool proyect! In this picture, what are those wings hiding in the roof? seems intresting
Dude Are You Trying to get some one killed?!! You look like a terrorist with that bag and wires hanging out some one might think they are doing good by killing you. Anyways I'll hear it on the new lol. J/k I don't think its that serious. The head band lol makes you look more like one..
So awesome! Very very trippy project! I'd suggest just one mod though; is there any way to make it so that the camera doesn't move so much in sync with the wearer's body? I mean if the wearer bends his torso to the right, the axis of the camera should be the same! Basically how would one go about making this as close to 3rd person view in a game GTA, for example! Would be an extremely insightful way to experience the world for a few hours.<br>In any case, i'm very taken with this project; you're allowed a change of perspective for a little while! Awesome! :)
Yeah. I would love to see that. We tried to isolate the camera as much as we could from normal movements, but large motions show up. It is challenging to get it to move with you most of the time, but not with you other times. <br><br>The one idea I have had is to take a small balloon and attach it to ourselves. Being clever about it, you could treat it like a kite and possibly keep it in line with you. That would isolate movements, yet keep it attached to you.<br><br>And as other have mentioned, using a servo system to move the camera along with your head motions would help as well. <br><br>This is in the works :)
Interesting Instructable for sure,&nbsp;at least i find it as such,&nbsp;as i built a tethered version a couple years back as a AV experiment&nbsp;using three people each allowed to view the others perspective... I got the idea from some movie i watched - ( the one in the movie was wireless as well and actually tapped into the brain of the first party wearer and recorded it so when viewed by another you got the smells etc etc with the experience. but there was a sceen where two shared this thing and it gave me an idea to try and build it. - It works great though much less advanced than the percieved one in the movie and not wireless like yours)<br> <br> This does have me thinking on it again though and may try to build it wirless - though not as powerfull - maybe using a 5 ghz connecttion and a HD web cam...<br> <br> thanks for the insight you your model. Looks like fun!
Sorry if someone has already had this idea. <br><br>A person who has no obstruction of their own vision has a camera mounted on their head, maybe even in those camera glasses. The image from this camera is sent to the second person, who has the video goggles on. So person 2 sees themselves from the view of person 1. Provided the other person always walked behind you, you would have a very, very interesting view of the world.

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