Step 6: Gimbals Mount & Other Failings

Picture of Gimbals Mount & Other Failings
Initially we were dead set on building a gimbals system in order to stabilize the camera. There are a ton of instructables on gimbals, and we more or less followed their ideas. 

We found in the end, that the gimbals did not reduce the motion. We wanted to dampen out the jostling motion of walking or running. However, the wobble of the camera in the setup was far too disorienting. Finally, after testing a camera fixed to the boom we decided that it was really not all that bad and we stuck with it. 

After walking and jogging we soon learned the value of having a rigid frame and made adjustments there as well. Any wobbling or jostling of the camera was very disorienting.
macs89694 years ago
cool proyect! In this picture, what are those wings hiding in the roof? seems intresting