Viking Arm Ring





Introduction: Viking Arm Ring

Hey hey

This is my tutorial on a easy and quick Viking arm ring.

For this arm ring you will need:


  • 1mm thick copper wire (1,7m)
  • 0,7mm steel wire (1,5m)
  • Dark gray spray paint (almost black)
  • Clear coat spray paint


  • Wire cutters
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Pliers
  • soldering iron
  • heat gun
  • steal wool

Step 1: Twist the Wires

Cut 3 0,5m pieces of steel and copper wire.

Fold them in half and gather the ends and tape them together.

Use the drill to twist the wires together, stop before it starts twist on to it self.

Step 2: Make the Basic Shape

Use your hand to measure the correct length (the diameter of your wrist minus 2cm)

Bend it to your wrist and cut it to length.

Step 3: Soldering

Use the soldering iron and solder the ends together.

Then twist a bit of copper (ca 10cm) wire around the ends and solder them to.

Take some steel wool and go over the solder.

Step 4: Paint and Finish

Now take a can of dark gray spray paint and add two coats, i used a heat gun at its highest temp to make it look like charcoal but this is not necessary.

Take the steal wool and take of almost all the paint (it should have some paint left in the nook's and cranny's)

Then finally take the clear coat and spray it twice.

And there you go now you got a quick and easy Viking Arm Ring :)


  • it was acually reall...-zebedee dakin

    zebedee dakin made it!


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is this safe for skin ?

yeh think so :) i have had it on for about 1 week now and the arm has not fallen of ;)