Since I have other viking equipment why not add a Viking helmet to collection :)

And maybe I always wanted to have one hahahaha :D

Check out my YT channel:

Step 1: Get Ready to Take Some Shavings

Try to get Shavings Thickness about 0.1 and 0.3

I used the Pine

Step 2: Measure and Cut

Measure Circumference of your head

Use the Formula from the video

Draw and Cut the circle

Step 3: Start the Process of Cassation

Blow the Balloon inside your template

Start the process of gluing and waiting for it to dry

Pop and remove the balloon

Step 4: Choose the Design

From now you can choose what type of helmet you want to make

For example:

Barbute, Norman casque, Spangenhelm, Sallet, kettle helm, Simple Bascinet...

I choose the Spangenhelm

Step 5: Mail Armor

Wind the wire around the round object with hole on one end

I used 8 mm shaft

Cut the rings

Start making mail armor

Step 6: Painting

Put 2 or more Coats of sealer (I used nitro lacquer)

Apply 2 coats of Silver and 1 coat of black color

Use paint thinner on cloth to get aged metal effect

Step 7: Attaching the Mail

I used aluminum sheet for reinforcement

Drill the holes through the helmet and aluminum together

Tie it up with thread all around

I also attached the thumbtacks for "Riveted look" and it looks amazing

Step 8: Finished Epic Helmet

I don't know what to say for me this was one of most hardest projects I have made

The process of drying almost killed me I used but it took me more than a week of gluing and drying...and heating it inside the microwave, oven, on top of the furnace on the sun :(

Ohhh god, I hate that technique (cassation) I recommend the use of toilet paper or newspaper for this project ;)

I feel relieved now :)

Have an EPIC day and see you soon with new project


<p>Love the project and the final look of it.</p><p>2 Questions</p><p>1- where did you get that aluminum sheet? </p><p>2- what did you use to staple the metal together? those clips or whatever. What are they? Could you give an example of such a thing? amazon link ? thanks.</p>
The helmet looks really good. Maybe you could do another 'ible' on how you painted it. I've never heard of cassation before; I'll have to look it up.
Thanks man, maybe I will do tutorial on my channel. I am even not sure if the right word is cassation, but I am familiar with it since my primary school when we used to make art mobiles using the newspaper or toilet paper :) very cool project for the kids also :) <br>Have a nice day Jon <br>Moris

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