I recently was invited to a baby shower that was viking-themed. I wanted to come up with something clever and uncommon and had never made a diaper cake before. So here is a viking ship diaper cake.

Step 1: Supplies

Gather supplies-----

Hot Glue and Low Temp hot glue gun



Thin Ribbon in mulitple colors


6-8 Baby One-zies

Bottle Brush

Dragon or Monster baby hat or sock

Wooden dowel Rods
1 - 3' long
and 1 - thinner 3 ' long

Red and White striped scrapbook paper

Baby animal bath toys or small stuffed animals

Duct tape

Glue stick for paper

Safety pins

6 - 8 Baby spoons

Hole puncher
Haha, what a cute idea :) You should enter this into the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/contest/holidaygifts2012">Holiday Gifts Contest</a>!
Cute when i saw this i was like &quot;lol??? diaper cake?&quot; then i clicked on it to find it was a great ible

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Bio: I like making little treats and pretty much doing anything crafty. I want to learn new techniques and share how I do what I do.
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