Picture of Viking Ship Diaper Cake
I recently was invited to a baby shower that was viking-themed. I wanted to come up with something clever and uncommon and had never made a diaper cake before. So here is a viking ship diaper cake.

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Step 1: Supplies

Gather supplies-----

Hot Glue and Low Temp hot glue gun



Thin Ribbon in mulitple colors


6-8 Baby One-zies

Bottle Brush

Dragon or Monster baby hat or sock

Wooden dowel Rods
1 - 3' long
and 1 - thinner 3 ' long

Red and White striped scrapbook paper

Baby animal bath toys or small stuffed animals

Duct tape

Glue stick for paper

Safety pins

6 - 8 Baby spoons

Hole puncher

Step 2: Cardboard Stucture

Picture of Cardboard Stucture
Cut out your cardboard stucture.  A botton and sides and middle supports.

 You can make as big or as small as you want.

My boat ended up being about 24" Long when finished.

Don't be afraid to really lay on the hot glue.

Cut three slits on each side of the boat for the oars to slip into.

Step 3: Roll Diapers

Picture of Roll Diapers
Tightly roll  the diapers longways and secure with a ribbon about an inch and half from the top and bottom. Tie each ribbon with a bow.

Step 4: Getting the Diapers on the Boat

Picture of Getting the Diapers on the Boat
This is the hard part.. I mean fun part.

Take a length of duct tape as long as one side of your boat plus 3 or so inches and turn in each end of the strip of tape and tape to the cardboard boat so that the sticky side is facing out. You may have to roll up a few pieces of duct tape to stick between the non sticky side and the cardboard to get a good hold.

Then one by one, carefully stick on your rolled diapers. When you get one side done, take a super long length of ribbon and "sew" it between each of the diappers ties along the top and the bottom.

Repeat the duct tape part on the other side and continue to sew the ribbon through the ties. Pull the long ribbon tight on top and bottom and secure with a knot and a bow.
Haha, what a cute idea :) You should enter this into the Holiday Gifts Contest!
Cute when i saw this i was like "lol??? diaper cake?" then i clicked on it to find it was a great ible