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Introduction: Viking Hood

Hello friends!

Well, winter is coming, so I'm going to present you, how I made this sweet warm and comfortable Viking hood!

Step 1: What You Will Need?

  • woolen fabric
  • some fabric for lining - linen or cotton
  • thread and needle
  • scissors, ruler, pencil..
  • pins

Step 2: Sketching, Measuring and Cutting

First step is measuring some dimensions and transfering a pattern on fabrics. It's really easy, In fact the pattern consists just out of 2 squares and 1 or 2 rectangles. It comes out of a viking hood pattern so If you won't make same Rohirrim embroidery as I did than it should be a pretty much historicaly accurate.

I chose the size of square part 25cm x 25cm and size of rectangular part 35cm x 130cm (or you can cut it and make it 2 X 35cm x 65cm). But I recommend you to take a piece of fabric, pin the shape and then try it out as I did, so you could make dimensions based on your body and desires.

Step 3: Sewing

And now it comes to the hardest part - sewing!

Take all your pieces and pin them together according to the pictures. It's also good to try if it fits you before sewing!

Using backstitch I sewed outside part and inner part separately. Then I put the lining into the woolen part and flip the edges and sewed them.

If you are going to make an embroidery, it's better to make before you sew that two parts together!

There isn't much else to say.. Just be patient if you're going to sew it in hand as me :D cause it takes its time.

Step 4: Decorating

Now you can add some embroidery, tablet woven bands, etc..

I made some Rohan sun style emroidery, but I was in a time pressure because I needed my hood really soon for a battle, so it's not so epic as I wanted to be :D (Although it took me about a half a day to make it :D )

If you're going to make an embroidery, I advice you to make it before sewing the lining.

Step 5: Wearing

And you are done!

So put on your creation and wear it proudly. It will keep you warm and if you used woolen fabric, it should also protect you from rain. And hoods are also a great accessories of many costumes!

When I made this hood I was wearing for about a half a day cause it was soo warm and comfortable :D

And I hope yours is too!

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See you next time!

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Sweet, thanks for the great-ible

Have you made any more since this one?

Great! I needed a hood for my Halloween cosplay!

I can't reall say, because I use metric system, but I wrote the dimensions I used (in cm) so check it out :) Also you can easily convert it with google if needed