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Have you lost your PortaPro bag or do you want a cooler one?
Lot of my friends (even my dad and grandpa) have these legendary headphones from KOSS, so I decided to make a custom bag for mine.

Although I made it primary for my headphones, it can be used for anything!!

You will need:

- Koss PortaPro bag (or just look at dimensions in my photo)
- wool cloth
- thread and needle
- pins
- ruler
- pencil
- scissors
- leather cord


You almost don't need to read them. Just look at the photos ;)

- design your pattern according to a real porta pro bag (I have dimensions in photo, so you don't have to )
- leave some space for stitching and cord
- cut it out
- you can make some rune writing on it (I wrote KOSS :D You must do this step now, because it would be hardly done later! )
- then sew the lining for cord
- after that sew together the sides of the bag
- turn it inside out
- add some leather cord into it
- insert your precious headphones

.. and voila! You're done! ;)

It's cool, easy to make and will keep your headphones in warm during winter :)

Hope you like it! Feel free to write me a comment ;)


epoveda (author)2014-04-26


Eldalote (author)epoveda2014-04-27

That's great! :)

wilgubeast (author)2014-01-28

Cool bag. PortaPros merit the extra love.

Eldalote (author)wilgubeast2014-01-28

Thanks :) They surely do.

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