Similar to French knitting this is a surprisingly easy way to make woven wire cord for bracelets and necklaces!
I was looking for something interesting to make for my better half as a Christmas present and I stumbled across this very old method of wire weaving:


A quick search gave many tutorials, the following was great:


It would make an excellent valentines gift!

Step 1: Tools and Materials

  • Mandrel
    • Something tubular and sturdy to weave around.
    • I used a 10mm drill bit.
  • Pulling board
    • This is a board with sequentially smaller holes drilled through.
    • I used 11mm-7mm holes in a pine off cut.
  • Pliers
  • Safety glasses
    • Flicking around the pointy end of a length of wire will end in tears (or ocular tears).
  • Wire
    • The weave in the front picture uses 20Ga.
    • For a first go try copper wire as it's often inexpensive.
    • Silver and gold coated copper provide an excellent combination of looks, bendyness and price.
  • Jump rings
    • Can be made with the same wire as the weave
  • Clasps
<p>awesome chains </p>
I have just started working with wire and needed something unique to hang my handmade wire pendants from, other than a simple chain. This is absolutely perfect!! Easy to follow, so thanks for the great idible!!!!
Great job, thanks for this. <br>I know where I have some copper wire to try this out ?<br>One question if I can,<br>Right at the start, a section of the wire is left inside the weave, Is it worth forming a loop on the pointed end of the wire to stop it from poking through the weave when the piece is finished, or, does this just not happen?
<p>Hi,</p><p>Good idea, it wouldn't hurt to bend the end over, I don't think that bit has poked through yet but if something can go wrong it probably will eventually :)</p>
Can't believe it took me so long to see this ible, better late than never! I can't wait to try this - and if my nieces don't already know about this, they will be very excited as well. Thank you, your pictures &amp; instructions are excellent.
Thanks for helping me, I was just looking for it!
Would a bead cap, instead of the cap here work? I've got a few that are just simple clover shapes here; but they have a really nice stamped texture on them.
Ah, yes they would work great! It would give the first end a nice finish. I hadn't seen them before, thanks!
mother's day present! :D thank you so much!
Woohoo!! 5 stars for this... There's too much awesomeness involved and it's perfect for Valentine's Day :DD
Cool! glad you enjoyed it :)
This looks like an interesting craft! I'll give it a try sometime. Thanks for the good directions!
Thanks, glad it's useful!

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