Villager Cloning House





Introduction: Villager Cloning House

Note this house will not work on Pe may work after update. Ok this is a good way to get grate trades from villager or to get more villagers in your world. Ps after you put 2 villager in it will take a long time for it to make them go in heart mode

Step 1: 10 by 10

Make a 10 long square

Step 2: Make It 1 Block Taller

Make it a block taller and put doors on top of it you will need at least 35 doors for this step.

Step 3: Torches

Ok your almost done you have to put a block above the doors and you need to get 2 villager now you have a villagers cloning house! Pleas comment if you have made your own villager cloning house and be nice this is my first instructables.



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    This is weirded but it works #minecraftlove

    If not use a mine cart.

    If its in a village you can push them in.

    How to get the initial 2 villagers there??

    I do to thanks for the coments