I like to be organized - so I came up with this little stuffy inspired by the severed ear of Vincent van Gogh. My earrings were is such disarray that I had trouble finding matching pairs. Now with my "ear" I have them all in one nice little place and finding matching pairs is much easier!! Hope you make my little severed ear and organize your own earrings - thanks and enjoy!! http://tissupapers.blogspot.com/

Step 1: Finding the Perfect Ear

Find a friend that has really big ear lobes - they work the best. WIth your digital camera take a nice up close picture. Using your computer photo program decide on the size you would like to make your ear - my ear measures 8x4. Print out on paper - this is going to be your pattern to use to make your ear. Once you have printed out your ear on paper - cut out your ear *remember leave about 1/4 inch seam allowance for sewing.
<p>Creative, yet kinda disturbing....</p>
This is awesome although I'm interested as to how I could make it work with stretched piercings (given my 9/16" lobes) elastic maybe?
haha. that's very funny. great idea.
How fun would it be to have a little box full of these ears with earrings attached? This just cracks me up!
Box full? If you have that many, you would obviously need to store them on a necklace! This would also work well with a necklace of stuffed fingers, to store your rings...
That's a great idea!!! Once I made it the little ear did make me laugh too! Thanks for the feedback!
I love this idea. I thought I would get some of the brown anti-tarnish cloth from Joann's and make my ear. It would slow down the tarnishing of my sterling earrings, and since I am African American, it almost matches!!!!
I must say...it looks just like Carlos' ear!!!
nice one, though the hairy bit is reasonably disturbing for some reason...
You know at first I was going to leave it just plain - however I just had to add the final touch - ear hair !! I needed the scare/gross factor! Thanks for the feed back!
Smart-- and cool! Very good Instructable, very nice idea. Maybe you could make hands or legs or stuff like that, and you could use the hands for bracelets and stuff like that. Nice job!
The stuffed arm/hand is going to be my next project!!!! I must dedicated it to you - thanks for all of the great feedback!
oooh yeah, you could make the hand and arm, cut it off before the elbow and put something heavy (i.e. a bag of rice, etc...) at the base so it stands up. that's my spin on it, anyway :)
Very creative.

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