Picture of Vine filework for knives
This instructable will focus on adding a simple decorative filework design on the spine of a knifeblade. Filework, for those of you who don't know, can be meant either as primarily aesthetic rather than functional or vice versa. In this case, we will be focusing primarily on improving the aesthetics of the blade in question.  

There are many different filework designs, and those designs can be as simple and basic or as complicated and difficult as you wish.

I prefer to do my basic filework before I have heat treated, and then clean it up after I have hand rubbed the blade up to approximately 400 grit. Since I don't differentially heat treat the back edge, this is a necessity, as you need the spine to be pretty soft. Note: if you are using stainless you will have to do this before you heat treat. 

While you can definitely do this at home using nothing but some round and triangle chainsaw files, I prefer to use power tools to reduce the work time and the wear and tear on my hands. This project was made at Techshop. Why Techshop? Simple. They have lots of great tools, lots of clean workspace, and great light. You will need all of that, and ESPECIALLY the light, to do this properly, regardless of the approach you take. 

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lwhite301 month ago
could this be done in a store bought knife and folding pocket knives?
Richard Horse4 months ago